Carleton University is planning for all Fall 2020 courses to be offered ONLINE.  (A final decision about Winter 2021 courses has not yet been made.) Most of them will be blended courses – that is, they will combine synchronous and asynchronous forms of instruction.  For more information about these categories, click here.

Please contact Lana Keon, if you have questions or need additional information that would help you make a decision about whether or not to take a course.

Fall 2020

Course Course Title Instructor Term
WGST 5900A Program Seminar P. Gentile F
WGST 5901B/ 4812B Special Topic: African Feminisms S. Hassim F
WGST 5901D/ SOCI 5806D Special Topic: Critical Disability Studies K. Fritsch F
WGST 5902A/ 4812C Special Topic: Sexuality and Reproductive Justice in the Americas M. Rivers-Moore F
WGST 5906A Feminist Theory K. Bausch F
WGST 5908F Research Essay P. Gentile F
WGST 5909F Thesis P. Gentile F

Winter 2021

Course Course Title Instructor Term
WGST 5901A/ CDNS 5201 Advanced Topic: Critical Perspectives on Canadian Feminism J. Henderson W
WGST 5901B/ SXST 4101A Interdisciplinary Studies of Sexuality – Special Topic: Queer Public Feelings in a Time of Pandemic A. Cvetkovich W
WGST 5901E/4812E Special Topic: Sexuality Debates in Law and Feminism U. Khan W
WGST 5902B/ 4812B Feminist Pedagogies N. Abu-Zahra W
WGST 5902C/ ENGL 5900A Advanced Topic: Writing/Reading Desire: Pleasure, Politics, Poetics of Contemporary Pop Romance B. Johnson W
WGST 5907A Research Methods A. Hari W
WGST 5908W Master’s Research Essay P. Gentile W
WGST 5909W Master’s Thesis P. Gentile W
WGST 5910A/ 5911A Directed Studies P. Gentile W
WGST 5920 Practicum M. Rivers-Moore W