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Fall 2021

Course Course Title Instructor Term
WGST 5900 A Program Seminar Gentile, Patrizia F
WGST 5901 A / WGST 4812 A

(ENGL 4003 A/ENGL 5610 G)

Advanced Topic: Queer Historical Fiction and Temporal Re/Imaginings Medd, Jodie F
WGST 5901 B / WGST 4812 B

(AFRI 4050 A/AFRI 5050 A)

Adv Topic: African Feminisms Hassim, Shireen F
WGST 5901 C

(SOCI 4506/ SOCI 5308)

Adv Topic: Feminist Analysis  Abdo, Nahla F
WGST 5901 E / CRST 4001 Adv Topic: Critical Race Studies Birk, Manjeet F
WGST 5902 A/5902AF / WGST 4812D

(FILM 4002/ FILM 5506)

Adv Top: Transgender Cinema Horak, Laura F
WGST 5906 A Feminist Theory Bausch, Katharine F
WGST 5908 F Research Essay F
WGST 5909 F MA Thesis F
WGST 5910 A Directed Studies F
WGST 5911 A Directed Studies F

Winter 2022

Course Course Title Instructor Term
WGST 5003 / WGST 4003 Traversing Feminisms Hari, Amrita W
WGST 5901 D / SOCI 5401 W Adv Topic: Critical Disability Studies Fritsch, Kelly W
WGST 5902 A / CDNS 5201 W /  ENGL 5804 W Adv Topic: Rereading Women’s Liberation Henderson, Jennifer W
WGST 5901 C / SXST 4101 A Adv Topic: Counter-Archives: Gentile, Patrizia W
WGST 5902 B / WGST 4812 B Adv Topic: Feminist Pedagogies Abu-Zahra, Nadia W
WGST 5902 C / ENGL 5900 Y Adv Topic: Writing Reading Desire Johnson, Brian W
WGST 5907 A Researching Women’s & Gender Issues Hari, Amrita W
WGST 5909 W MA Thesis W
WGST 5910 A Directed Studies W
WGST 5911 A Directed Studies W
WGST 5920 A Internship in WOMN W