WGST faculty Nadia Abu-Zahra and Katie Bausch, along with cross-appointed faculty member Carolyn Ramzy were recently awarded a SOPI (Shared Online Projects Initiative) Grant for their project Open Educational Resources (OER) on Community-Building and Culture. This grant will help facilitate the creation of critical online resources addressing anti-Black racism.

This project will also be led and developed by Ruby Dagher, Lavagnon Ika, and Emily Regan Wills from the University of Ottawa, and supported by several other institutional and community partners including Sally El Sayed from the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Felicity Hauwert from the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Jamal Koulmiye-Boyce from the Faculty of Social Sciences at UOttawa and Board Member with the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) at uOttawa, Khadija El Hilali president and founder of Anti-Racism on Campuses Collective (ARCC), Hijaab Yahya from the Department of Law and Legal Studies, Judy El-Mohtadi from Community Mobilization in Crisis and Board Member with OPIRG-uOttawa, and international partners such as Nancy Obazee and Isadora Lima.

This interdisciplinary team will co-create open educational resources (OER) focused on community-building and culture, including themes and competencies like project-based learning, community-building, initiative co-creation, digital ethnography, world cultures, globalization, cultural, political, economic and legal repercussions, in/equalities, and social movements.

All OER will be accessible, bilingual (English, French), and published on the Web under Creative Commons. Online resources will include online artistic performances; textual explanations; filmed narrative excerpts with artists and community members; podcasts, e-portfolio questions; and activities. These resources will be used in at least 13 courses in 7 Departments across four Faculties at Carleton and the University of Ottawa.

Congratulations to all!