June 23/16 – Restricted Access to Steacie Loading Dock Mon June 27/16

There will be limited access to the loading dock at Steacie Building as concrete trucks will be in the area all morning, and into the afternoon on June 27th.  Crews will be pouring concrete for the 6th floor of the new building.

May 19/16 – Temporary Lane Reductions – Campus Ave. May 26-27/16

Campus Ave in front of Steacie Building and the New Academic Health Science Building will be reduced to one lane on Thursday May 26th and Friday May 27th to allow crews to tie into existing electrical and other systems for the new building.  Flag persons will be on site directing traffic throughout the lane reduction period.

The sidewalk on the east side of Campus Ave will be rerouted due to the construction work, however, barrier free access will remain with temporary measures put in place.

April 13/16 – Noisy Work

The general contractor will be breaking rock to allow for the installation of the water line to the new building.  There will be some noise and minor vibration generated due to this work.  Noise will be intermittent and will take place between April 13 and April 27th.

The concrete floor for the mezzanine has been poured and over the next few weeks the second floor concrete will be poured and preparations will begin for the third floor.

Feb 8/16 – Concrete Pour

Crews have an upcoming concrete pour at the south end of the site and will need to make use of the Steacie loading dock space to complete it.  The pour will take place on Wednesday February 10, 2016 and the work will last between the hours of 7:00 am and roughly 2:00 PM.

Jan 20/16 – Concrete Pour

Crews will be pouring concrete on Saturday January 23, 2016 at the New Health Sciences Academic Building construction site (former parking lot P-2B). The pour will be on-going from approximately 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, with many concrete trucks arriving and leaving the site (roughly one every 4-5 minutes).

There will be two concrete pumps trucks on site. One pump truck will be located in the Steacie loading dock and the other inside the construction site. No lane restrictions are anticipated on Campus Avenue, however there may be some delays to traffic as trucks are turning into and out of the construction site.

Dec 4/15 – Noisy Work

There will be some noisy rock-breaking work on Friday Dec 4th  and/or Monday Dec 7th to prepare the construction site for the new Health Science Building.  The rock breaking will be done in the middle of the construction site, between Steacie Building and the University Centre.  The noise level will rise and fall over a few hours but is not expected to last all day.

Nov. 23/15 – Looking Ahead

Over the next four weeks the project will start to remove asphalt where the new building will be going. Large areas will be excavated so that concrete footings can be installed.  Also, installation of a tower crane is planned for mid December.

Nov. 20/15 – Steacie Building North East Entrance Closure

Please be advised that the North East (NE) entrance doors to the Steacie Building will be closed in the next week due to construction of the New Health Sciences Academic Building adjacent to Steacie.  These doors open into the construction site, and as such, it will not be safe to allow occupants to use this exit during the construction period.  Digging for the new building will begin shortly, right outside the NE entrance.  The project includes a tunnel link from the new building, connecting directly to Steacie at the North-East entrance.

The NE doors will remain inaccessible until mid-summer 2017.  Signage will be posted redirecting building occupants to the North West doors for safe exit from the building.

Facilities Management and Planning thanks you for your understanding as we begin this exciting new project.

Oct. 29/15 – Construction Fencing

On Saturday, October 31/15 a construction hoarding fence will go up in parking lot P-2B on Campus Ave. near Steacie, University Centre and Architecture Buildings.  This is to close off the hoarding area required for the upcoming construction of the new Academic Health Science Building. For more information on this exciting new project, see http://carleton.ca/fmp/campus-master-plan/academic-health-science-building/

To accommodate losing the majority of public parking spaces in P-2B, those with passes for lot P-2A have been reassigned to other lots, as lot P-2A is being changed to a public parking area.  The entry and exit gates to lot P-2A have been removed and additional pay & display parking machines are being installed to accommodate parking lot P-2A.

The vehicle entry point to access the front of the University Centre as well as the Bookstore loading dock will now be via the P-2A lot entrance. The loading dock to the Steacie building and access to it will remain open.

Oct. 28/15 – Work in P2-B

On Friday October 30, 2015  work will be done in and around parking lot P2-B for the New Health Science Building Project.  Crews will be boring into the ground to obtain soil samples for analysis.   Disruption to pedestrians and car traffic is expected to be minimal during the work.

Facilities Management and Planning and Parking Services appreciate your understanding while this work is performed.