Switch off for Earth Hour



Thanks to all faculty, staff and students who take part in Earth Hour last weekend. Lights were dimmed across campus and activities included ‘Dining in the Dark’, with the expansion space of the Residence Dining Hall being used to experience dining in the dark. In addtion there was an hour of board games with the lights out in Raven’s Roost, with students particpating and refelcting on the ideas behind Earth Hour.


Carleton University is encouraging faculty, staff and students to support Earth Hour 2014. Organized by the WWF, Earth Hour is the largest symbolic mass event around the world, and involves simply turning off your lights for one hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 29 March.

Millions of people in 7,001 cities and towns across 151 countries now turn their lights off as part of Earth Hour in order to show their concern for the environment, and Carleton has signed up in support.

What you can do

Philip Mansfield, Manager, Sustainability Programs said “While most of our staff will not be on campus on Saturday evening, we have a unique opportunity to save even more energy by turning everything off on Friday evening. Since everything will not be turned on until Monday morning this will give us over 50 hours of shutdown. In fact, let’s not stop at lights, but also make sure that computers are switched of at the wall and any electronic items which you are not using (such as phone and laptop chargers) are switched off.”

Carleton is committed to reducing its Energy and Carbon emissions across our operations and recently released an Energy Master Plan which outlines major energy conservation and switching off appliances over the weekend will help by reducing the University’s electricity consumption.

Find out more about Earth Hour and what you can do: http://momentofdarkness.ca/en/.

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