In total, 19 projects were received and reviewed by the Green Revolving Fund Committee. All projects provided clear links to environmental and sustainability action on campus and included ideas around energy reduction, waste, transport and sustainable procurement. After careful consideration, the following projects were selected for funding in 2015:

1. Intelligent Indoor Climate Control – Burak Gunay

Utilizing the Building Automation System, existing research within the Canal Building has determined that in occupied offices, occupancy rates were below 8%. This project looks at extending the temperature setback periods to specifically decrease space heating and cooling loads. Programming changes will then learn reoccurring occupancy patterns (i.e. arrival and departure times) in individual offices and adapt the setback schedules (when heating/cooling is needed) accordingly, thus reducing energy use and costs.

2. Residence Building Dashboard – Laura Storey

The project will enable the installation of static energy dashboards in all residence buildings and a touch screen display in Residence Commons. This will enable residents, occupants and visitors to view energy and water use in real-time, and waste recycling data to be displayed monthly. The screens will also be utilized to showcase sustainability events and projects on campus and sustainability tips and ideas. Energy savings will be realized through behavioral efficiency changes.

3. Computer Sleep Software – Steve Sweeney

Installation of power strip bars and implement computer sleep software to reduce electricity consumption. Low project costs will realize a payback on the investment in under 2 years and ongoing energy cost savings.

The full list of project submitted was:

  • Compost bins on Campus
  • Campus Sleep software
  • CU on the Roof – Campus Gardens
  • Green Roof Initiative
  • Green Roofs
  • Intelligent Indoor Climate Control
  • Off-grid Solar PV Hot Water
  • Onsite Food Waste Reduction and Conversion
  • Ravens Re-Use Room
  • Recycling of Waste Water in Earth Sciences Sample Preperation Lab
  • Reduction of throw away beverage cups to landfill
  • Solar lighting
  • Residence Building Dashboard and Core Analytics
  • Solar Power
  • Host a Campus Wide Design Charrette for the Development of a Sustainable Aquaponics Research Facility
  • A Sustainable CSU Private Cloud Cyberinfrastructure Proposal
  • Monitoring and Targeting – Systematic Building Energy Data Management System at Carleton
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Air-Conditioning System Retrofit
  • Wall Mounted Solar Air Heater in New Residential Building