In total, 15 projects were received and reviewed by the Green Revolving Fund Committee. All projects provided clear links to environmental and sustainability action on campus and included ideas around energy reduction, waste, engagement and sustainable procurement.

1. Tennis Bubble insulation and conservation project – Yolana Junco and John Wilson

The Carleton Tennis Centre, part of the Athletics department, is utilized by staff, students and the general public, as well as home to holiday camps and clubs alike. Currently the annual utility costs are close to $100,000, the project submission will focus on reducing utility and operational costs by 30% (electricity, gas and maintenance) with specific measures including LED light replacement and improved insulation.

2. Campus Kitchen Exhaust Retrofit – Chad McKenzie and Travis Morton

This project will reduce the loss of conditioned air from buildings, reduce fan electrical usage through scheduling and increase safety for occupants and operators (no need for manual switch off).

3.  Sustainable Vacuum pumps for science – Tina Preseau and Peter Mosher

The project will stop the wasting of over 1400 cubic meters of water/ per year from laboratories operations. Water currently being used to create a vacuum, by a water aspirator,  will be replaced by compressed air powered vacuum pumps.

The full list of project submitted was:

  • Health Sciences Building: Animal Research Equipment and Materials Processing System
  • Power Increasing Mechanism
  • Sustainable Vacuum Pumps for Science
  • Tennis Bubble Insulation and Conservation Project
  • Bus Shelter Improvements at Carleton University
  • Campus Kitchen Exhaust Retrofit
  • Carleton Energy Assessment
  • Donating Leftover Food from Carleton’s Dining Services to Food Centres
  • Fumehood Sash Retrofit
  • Manually-Controlled Light Switch in River Building
  • Residence Clotheslines
  • Sustainable Gym
  • Cooling Tower Retrofit
  • The Expansion of Online Learning
  • Intelligent Electricity Demand Reduction