In total, 10 projects were received and reviewed by the Green Revolving Fund Committee. While it was deemed that all projects provided clear links to environmental and sustainability action on campus, due to payback timelines and costings, only 1 project was funded and will be actioned.

1. LED Tunnel Lighting Retrofit – Carly Parks and Michael Snow

The LED lighting retrofit project proposed updating the existing lighting within the tunnels at Carleton. This would see all tunnel lighting, currently T8 fluorescent tubes, replaced with LED lighting, in order to reduce energy demand, reduce costs and improve lighting conditions. The project outlined that a switch to LED lighting would see a 30% reduction in energy usage and improve lighting life expectancy, which would reduce associated maintenance costs.

The full list of project submitted was:

  • Health Sciences Building: Animal Research Equipment and Materials Processing System
  • Campus-wide composting initiative and biogas production
  • Food Waste to Fertilizer – Carleton Composting Program
  • Organic Waste recycling solution
  • Vermicomposting in Residence Rooms
  • Water bottle filling stations for Robertson Hall
  • Nanoleaf One
  • Sustainable living in Residence
  • LED Tunnel lighting retrofit
  • Green Bin Usage
  • Water efficient showerheads in gym change rooms