Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

Meet-Ups for Eldercare Caregivers and Advocates

May 3, 2022 at 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Audience:Staff and Faculty

Meet-Ups for Eldercare Caregivers and Advocates is a virtual peer support program offered through Healthy Workplace. This is a 6-week, virtual peer support program that provides working caregivers with a forum through which to share their experiences, gain information and understanding about the caregiver journey, and to give and receive knowledge and support with other caregivers. The sessions will be facilitated by Jennifer Moir, Eldercare Consultation with AgeWell Solutions.

What does this group offer participants?

  • A relaxed and welcoming forum for discussion
  • Guided information exchange to enhance skill set and understanding
  • A chance to give and receive knowledge and support from other caregivers
  • Confidence and reassurance that you are not alone

Who is this group for?

For adult children, family members or anyone with an aging or vulnerable loved one and who is preparing to become a caregiver, or is an active caregiver already and interested in improving their caregiving experience by learning and sharing helpful tips, tools and coping strategies.

How to participate?

Register at the bottom of this page to save your spot and receive your calendar update to attend upcoming sessions. To offer maximum support, the peer support session will close registration after the 2nd session. This is to allow caregivers to develop relationships and to build on weekly lessons. If you are interested in participating, please register early!

When is the program taking place?

Beginning Tuesday, April 5 and ending Tuesday, June 14, the program consists of 6 group, on-line meet-up sessions, held over 12 weeks. Sessions take place once every two weeks, are one hour in length, with each session designed to build upon earlier ones.

Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday, April 5 (Noon – 1pm)
  • Tuesday, April 19 (Noon – 1pm)
  • Tuesday, May 3 (Noon – 1pm)
  • Tuesday, May 17 (Noon – 1pm)
  • Tuesday, May 31 (Noon – 1pm)
  • Tuesday, June 14 (Noon – 1pm)

Program Details

60-minute virtual meeting format:

  • 10 minute: welcome and round table introductions
  • 15 minutes to explore the weekly topic and theme: learning, skill building
  • 25 minutes for participants to share experiences, give and receive knowledge and support
  • 5-10 minute wrap up including a review of additional resources, and introduction of the following week’s topic

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1 – Caregiver spotlight and journey (April 5)
  • Week 2 – How stress impacts caregivers, response mechanisms and coping pathways (April 19)
  • Week 3 – Overcoming challenging emotions and caregiver behaviours (May 3)
  • Week 4 – Mindfulness and building caregiver resilience (May 17)
  • Week 5 – Caregiver strengths and self-care tips (May 31)
  • Week 6 – Sustainable, joyful caregiving: tools, strategies and resources (June 14)


To register for this virtual series, please email Samantha Munro.