Photo of Shelley Kelsey

Shelley Kelsey

Adjunct Professor

Department:School of Industrial Design
Degrees:BA, MSc, PhD


Shelley Kelsey received her PhD from Carleton University’s Human Oriented Technology Lab with a focus on navigation and cognitive psychology. Her Masters was received from Tufts University in Experimental Psychology.  She has over 15 years in human factors consulting and research within high-reliability industries such as healthcare, defense, security, nuclear and aerospace.

Currently she is a Senior Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada where she leads a wide range of research, design and development projects related to passenger and crew air travel at the Centre for Air Travel Research in Ottawa. Her passion is research and co-design that improves the safety, efficiency, comfort, health and accessibility for Canadian air travelers using holistic methods that are inclusive.

Specialties and interests: Industry and academic engagement, accessibility, product development, collaboration, spatial human factors, user experience, industrial design, visual perception, ethnographic research, observational research, anthropometry, task analysis, usability research, experimental research methodology, technical writing and dissemination, user testing, focus groups, mock-up and prototype building.