Value $5,000. Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the leadership of the Indigenous Enriched Support Program (IESP), to outstanding Indigenous students who have successfully completed the IESP and are proceeding into a degree program at Carleton University during the following academic year. Eligible students must demonstrate financial need and will have fully participated in all aspects of the Indigenous Enriched Support Program. This award may be continued for up to 4 years of full-time enrolment provided the students remain in good academic standing and continue to demonstrate financial need. Endowed in 2021 through the generosity of The Joyce Family Foundation.

  • There is no GPA requirement to apply, but applicants must be eligible for degree admission.
  • Value: $5,000 per year for up to 4 years maximum (for a maximum total of $20,000).
  • Recipients will be expected to participate in coaching and mentorship opportunities to re-qualify each year.

Application Requirements

Please provide the following:

  • A completed application form (below).
  • A personal statement about your educational goals, community involvement and future plans. We like to see that applicants have some connection to their home communities. This isn’t to say that you have to have worked in or even lived in your home community to be eligible, we just like to see that applicants are connected to the Indigenous communities close to them in some way. If you have meaningful connections to the Indigenous Communities around you, or if you have plans to use your education to lift your community up in some way, please feature this in your application if you can. You can upload this below.
  • A personal reference. Please upload a reference letter from someone who knows your skills as a scholar and how you apply (or are planning to apply) those skills in your community.
  • Documentation supporting your Indigenous ancestry (upload below). This can include Indian Status, Metis citizenship, Inuit beneficiary card, band membership card. If this is not available, please provide an explanation for why no documentation is available as well as a letter of reference from a member of your Indigenous community, or a member of an urban Indigenous organization.

Joyce Family Foundation Bursary Application (IESP)

This bursary application form is for students who completed the IESP and are entering a degree in the Fall term.