This month, Web Services and the Research Department joined forces to launch the new online edition of Research Works. This is the second successful collaboration (following Carleton Now) in realizing the university’s initiative to move print materials online.

The Research Department is very pleased with the results. “We have always taken great pride in the quality of this publication, and we are particularly excited about the opportunities offered by this new format, including video footage of our featured researcher, Electronics Professor, Jim Wright, and the ability to leave comments on each story.” stated Kim Matheson, Vice-President, Research and International.

By integrating various software solutions with WordPress, Web Services has delivered a dynamic online magazine featuring video integration, RSS capability, and rapid publishing. It is also designed to display elegantly for modern smart phones (Iphone and Android phones), and is fully Ipad compatible.

This initiative to move print materials online will save the university tens of thousands of dollars in printing costs each year and every year going forward.

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