Due to the increasing level of hostile activity and security threats that occur on the internet, ITS has secured Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) at the Campus Internet border.

After August 1st, if you wish to access your workstation from off campus, please use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

VPN software provides a secure, encrypted channel from your home to the campus and allows you to access resources that are restricted to on-campus use (for example, network drives).  VPN software is available for MS Windows, Apple OSX and Linux.

RDP Blocking for Increased Security
At ITS it is our mandate to protect computers and campus users against hackers and computer viruses.  We do so by blocking access to vulnerable services, databases, known virus ports and Microsoft Windows ports.

By blocking RDP at our internet border, we are providing further protection against brute force password attacks, denial of service, man-in-the-middle and keylogging viruses.  This combination of blocking RDP and using a VPN eliminates most off-campus threats to workstations.

If you have any questions regarding RDP and the VPN service, please contact the Service Desk.