At present, faculty and students memorize a number of passwords and use more than one username to access Carleton’s various IT systems. In order to both simplify the user experience and enhance data security, Carleton has implemented a multi-year solution called MyCarletonOne.

The first phase of provisioning all staff, faculty and students with a MyCarletonOne account is well underway.


The phased rollout began with staff.  By January 2011, nearly 1200 full time continuing staff members had been provisioned with a MyCarletonOne account.


To seamlessly transition students from a Student Computing Account to a MyCarletonOne account, we coupled the new Carleton Email signup with the new account signup.  When they activated their MyCarletonOne account students were provided with a new 10gb email account.   To date, over 27, 000 students have activated MyCarletonOne accounts.


Faculty in the Library, in  Sprott School of Business, FPA and FASS have been invited to activate their MyCarletonOne accounts.  Over the next few months faculty in the remaining departments will be invited to activate their accounts.

To learn more about MyCarletonOne, please visit