We have a number ways of measuring our successes here in ITS.   As an IT department we have charts and graphs – heaps of data showing SPAM rejected, wireless usage, virus notifications, hits to websites and calls to the service desk.

But how do we measure customer satisfaction?

One way is through the Customer Satisfaction Surveys conducted by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP).  We’ve been involved in these since 2002 (back when they were telephone surveys) and although the survey has changed over time – it’s now shorter and more direct in an attempt to increase the response rate –  these results remain important in setting baselines for service delivery and uncovering opportunities for improvement.

These surveys and the like are important for asking questions like:

  • What services and resources are important to our clients?
  • How successfully are we delivering these services?
  • How effectively do we communicate our services? Is there a disconnect between perceived service delivery and actual service delivery?
  • What benchmarks can be established for excellent delivery of technology services?

ITS is once again participating in the annual Student Customer Satisfaction Survey by asking for feedback on the following topics cuLearn, Wireless, and Public Labs and eKiosks.

We thank OIRP for assisting us to statistically analyze the data that with the intent of identifying those areas that will provide the best opportunity to further improve customer service delivery.

By matching responses to strategic initiatives, we can match resources to the work that will help to deliver better services to the community.