Over the weekend, over 300 WordPress enthusiasts gathered here at Carleton for Ottawa’s 2nd annual WordCamp.

Amongst the co-organizers and presenters were Troy Chaplin and Mike Corkum, web developers in ITS.  Being involved in WordCamp is important to Carleton.  Troy stated “Being a part of WordCamp gives us the opportunity to give back to the WordPress community as well as meeting and learning from other users. It also helps showcase the web at Carleton, in which WordPress plays an important role. I had several conversations with other university or college employees over the weekend, and it’s a nice feeling when they ask for advice or opinions on what they can do to improve their environments, or move towards a university wide system that uses WordPress. Most of those people are struggling with the same problems on the web that we did just 5 short years ago, so being able to give them suggestions or encouragement adds to the level of pride I have in the hard work that our team has put in to make this all happen.”



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Carleton began using WordPress the power the majority of our public websites in 2009, and now support nearly 300 sites.