Wireless was first introduced on Carleton campus in summer 2004.  The demand for wireless services has increased significantly over the years.

Month and Year

Concurrent Devices Connected

September 2013 7,588
September 2014 12,494
September 2015 14,385
September 2016 18,260

ITS has made significant enhancements to support the increased demand, including adding new access points and implementing the latest in wireless technology.

The infographic below highlights the history of Wireless at Carleton.

infographic highlighting the history of wireless at Carleton University. Accessible transcript below the image.

Wireless at Carleton University: Accessible Transcript

A look into the history of wireless on campus.

Wireless is Introduced

  • 2004: Carleton tests two access points in Robertson Hall
  • 2005: There are 50 access points on campus.  Coverage is less than 1%.

Coverage Expands

  • 2008: There are 100 access points and 14,000 unique devices connected per month.  802.11n is introduced.
  • 2011: There are 400 access points and 32,000 unique devices connected per month.  Coverage is 36%.
  • 2012: There are 550 access points and 46,000 unique devices connected per month.  Coverage is 50%.

Satisfaction is Up.  Demand Increases.

  • 2014: 100% coverage in academic buildings.  Outdoor access points added.  Surveys show wireless satisfaction is up.
  • 2015: Demand for wireless grows – 71,000 unique devices connected in one month.

Now: More Access Points Added.  Latest Technology Deployed.

  • Access points in academic buildings support 802.11ac.
  • There are now 1,600 access points on campus.
  • An all-time high of 18,000 concurrent users was reached.