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This month’s Spotlight is on mobile.


Mobile Trends

Mobile is undoubtedly on the rise.

  • According to comscore.com, 56% of time Canadians spend online is spent on a smartphone or tablet.
  • In 2015, Mobile traffic to Carleton.ca was up 192% compared to the previous year while desktop traffic to the site was down 22%.
  • Last month 1 in 10 people viewed Carleton.ca on their mobile devices.

Google loves mobile.

  • As of April 21st, 2015, Google started heavily favouring websites that have mobile-friendly versions. This means mobile sites can rank higher in search results and will be labeled as mobile-friendly if their content is optimized for viewing on a mobile device.
  • In January, 53% of traffic to the ITS website came from Google.

More than just websites.

  • In February, 56% of email opens occured on mobile, 25% on desktop and 19% in a webmail client. (Source: Adestra)
  • In 2016, only 17% of marketers design email templates to look good on multiple devices by using responsive email design or employ device detection coding. (Source: emailmonday)
  • The e-newsletter we sent out was built using Web Services new responsive email design and will be made available to all CCMS clients

Carleton’s Mobile Websites

Speaking of Web Services, this month Web Services began rolling out their biggest CCMS upgrade in three years.

“Our focus when designing the new template was on mobile accessibility.” said Danny Brown, Manager of Web Services.

Not only does the AODA compliant website work beautifully on various platforms, it also delivers a number of features of which web maintainers can take advantage. Read more about the new template at Carleton.ca/ccms.

5 Things We Thought You Should Know

  1. Stats. In February the busiest computer lab on campus was on the 3rd floor of the Library with 5,290 logins to 76 computers. Check out more stats like this in our latest infographic.
  2. How to Train your Clutter: You may have noticed a new Clutter folder in your Exchange email, but did you know that you can train it?
  3. Congratulations: High fives to the Outgoing Exchange project team for being awarded the Service Excellence Award for Innovation. Artur Oldak celebrated his 10 year service anniversary in March and Dave Brown will be celebrating 15 years in April.
  4. Conference: The CANHEIT (Canadian Higher Ed IT) conference is in Edmonton this year from June 20 – 22. The presentation submission deadline has been extended to March 31.
  5. Beware Malware: Last month the Ottawa Hospital was in the news for a Malware incident which resulted in four computers being locked down. Incidents like this serve as a reminder to be wary of unsolicited email and to never open attachments from senders you do not recognize.

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