Last week Windows 10 was rolled out to staff in ITS.  This was the first group in the phased in rollout of Windows 10.

The team is now regrouping and addressing the few issues that came up before rolling out to all staff and faculty.  Some issues that were discovered include:

  • Disk space issues – Your computer must have 20 GB of free space for the upgrade to occur. This is not an issue for most people, and ITS does preemptive checking prior to upgrading and will work with your computing support unit to remedy this prior to pushing out the upgrade.
  • Slow startup the first time – We’ve found that first login, first time starting an app may take longer than normal after the upgrade. Subsequent starts will return to normal timeframe.
  • Computers that were turned off – On the evening of your upgrade do not turn your off at the end of the day.  If you turn your computer off, when you turn your computer on the next morning the upgrade will run (at it takes up to 2.5 hours).
  • Desktop shortcuts to Office 2013 – Office 2013 is being replaced with Office 2016.  If you’ve pinned Office 2013, the program will be gone, and you will need to delete that shortcut and re-pin the new Office 2016 program.  If you need help, please call the ITS Service Desk.
  • VPN – If you have VPN installed on a laptop that is being upgraded, the old VPN connection should uninstall and the new software should install manually, but there were a few cases where this did not happen. If this occurs with your laptop, you will need to download the new version and install it.  If you need help, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Based on feedback we’ve received we’ve added some questions to our FAQ.

The Rollout to Remaining Staff and Faculty

Staff and faculty groups will be engaged in the development of a rollout schedule. Timing consideration will be taken into account and scheduling options will be provided.  We will communicate the schedule once it has been finalized.

For more information, please visit our Windows 10 information page.