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What is the Internet of Things?

Wireless Technology

  • The new rule for the future is going to be, “Anything that can be connected, will be connected.” ~Jacob Morgan

  • Projections range from more than 24 billion IoT devices by 2020 (4 devices per human on Earth) to more than 100 billion connected devices by 2025 – a lot of devices that will require connectivity!

  • Most IoT devices and networks will rely on wireless technology. Some of the concerns with the IoT and wireless tech include, the need for low power consumption, flexibility to modify and grow these networks, and data security (source).

  • Carleton Prof. Richard Yu is looking at how to improve 5G Wireless Networks. Yu’s project will complement Carleton’s research in 5G wireless communications technologies as they relate to the Internet of Things, autonomous and connected vehicles, sensor technologies and health care.


Sensor Technology and Health Engineering Research at Carleton

Carleton is involved in several pilot projects that are helping with the effort to design smart homes that promote independent living for seniors. For example, pressure-sensitive pads placed under bed mattresses can alert seniors to a number of health concerns, from breathing difficulties to bladder infections.

Much of the applied research is rooted in sensor technology and digital signal processing. Read more

5 Things We Thought You Should Know

  1. Help getting the most out of your Mobile Device?  Carleton.ca/mobileservices is available to assist faculty, staff and departments in managing university-funded cellphones and tablets.

  2. Congratulations to the ITS Ransomware Warriors who won the 2016 Service Excellence Team award. Frank Zhang celebrated his 10 year service anniversary in March. And Nancy Vaillancourt celebrated 30 years in April.

  3. Conference: The CANHEIT (Canadian Higher Ed IT) conference is in Kingston from June 13-16. New for this year – poster presentations! You still have time to submit a poster.

  4. Regular Password Changes: Passwords are a critical part of information and network security at Carleton. All staff and faculty are required to change their passwords every 120 days.

  5. Carleton Intranet: Since its launch in November 2016, over 65,000 pages have been viewed on the intranet. If you haven’t yet logged in, be sure to check it out!