Are you in need of new tablet, desktop, or notebook for business purposes? Be sure to order an ITS recommended system from one of our preferred vendors.

What is a Preferred Vendor?

A preferred vendor has an established contract with Carleton University for a specific product list and contracted price. These contracts have been pre-negotiated by Purchasing Services on behalf of the community and follow the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive (BPS) requirements as set out by the Province of Ontario.

Why Order a Recommended System from a Preferred Vendor?

The recommended computer systems from preferred vendors are fully supported by ITS, have Carleton’s standard image adapted to them and meet all of our ITS security and CUnet domain membership requirements.

Ordering a non-standard system could cost you more time (ITS has to test and locate driver packs, and load the standard image) and money (ITS charges a fee for the extra time it takes to do this image adaptation work).

How to Order

Desktops, Notebooks and Mac PCs can be acquired via a purchase order (PO) directly through eShop. Once logged into eShop search “Carleton Image” to find the systems that already have ITS software images adapted to them and receive full ITS support.

View our Computer Purchases page for a list of ITS recommended tablets, desktops and notebooks from our preferred vendors.