ITS is pleased to announce the forms upgrade from Banner 8 to Banner 9 is complete. The upgrade introduces a new modern user interface, improved search functionality, expanded browser support (no longer limited to IE), and is mobile friendly.

The cutover to Banner 9 for forms will take effect on November 2nd. As of this date, users will be required to use Banner 9 for all Banner forms activities except for GREPORTS and a small number of custom forms. Business continuity and support processes are in place in case issues arise in Banner 9.

Banner Access

Banner 9

To login to Banner 9, visit:
*Please note, you must be connected to VPN.
**For the best experience, launch Firefox or Chrome in a Private (Incognito) window.

GREPORTS (Banner 8)

To access GREPORTS, login at:  and click the link to Banner 8.
*Please note, you must use Internet Explorer and be connected to VPN.

As of November 2nd, all Banner 8 forms that have been converted to Banner 9 will be inaccessible. GREPORTS and any Banner 8 forms that are slated to be replaced by Argos will still be available in Banner 8.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the transition. For more information, visit the Banner 9 Website. ITS also offers Banner 9 training.