Please beware of telephone calls where the caller indicates that they are calling from Carleton University.

Members of the community have reported receiving suspicious calls from individuals pretending to be from the University.  These are a type of phishing scam called vishing.

Signs that a telephone call may be a vishing scam:

  • Call display does not show Carleton University**
  • The telephone number does not start with 613-520, or the area code on the call is not one in use in the Ottawa-Gatineau area**
  • The caller is asking you to provide any personal or sensitive information, such as name, address, passwords, or for any financial information
  • The caller tries to create a sense of urgency, or needs you to act now
  • The caller directs you to access a website or to run software on your computer or device

**Please be aware that the call display information can also be faked or spoofed, so what you see on your telephone may not be real.

If you receive a suspicious call:

  • Do not provide any information to the caller
  • Do not press any buttons or respond to any prompts
  • Ask the caller for a phone number to call them back and hang up. Only call them back if the telephone number provided starts with 613-520.

If you have provided sensitive or personal information to a scammer:

  • If you have provided your Carleton MCOne account or other sensitive information, please change your MCOne password through, and contact the ITS Service Desk
  • If you’ve provided financial information, call your financial institution (Bank, Credit Card issuer)
  • Contact your local police services, or the University’s Campus Safety Services