Beware of an increase in corona-themed spam, malware, phishing and fake websites circulating on the Internet.  Please use caution when visiting websites and while looking for information on the COVID-19 virus.


  • Offers for vaccines, cures and tests, including any mobile apps that claim to offer in home testing
  • Offers related to insurance, insurance reminders, or claims
  • Websites or documents offering information on COVID19, including FAQs, maps or updates
  • Emails looking for donations.

ITS Security has blocked known links from being accessed while on campus.  However, this won’t protect anyone from accessing the fake websites off-campus, remotely, at home or on their personal devices (smart phones).

For official information related to COVID19, please use Carleton coronavirus information website

If you suspect you may be a victim of this phishing campaign/fake website, please contact the ITS Service Desk immediately at 613-520-3700 or extension 3700.