The Operations and Infrastructure group:

  • Provides the IT infrastructure to support key services  (Banner, MyCarleton and Campus Card),
  • Ensures that baseline services (such as the campus data, voice, wireless networks as well as internet connectivity) are meeting our client’s requirements, and
  • Maintains the Data Centre housing the University’s computer network.

Contact Information:

Bruce Clemmer, Director, Operations and Infrastructure
 613-5202-600 Ext.1575

Dave Brown, Manager, Ancillary Services
(613) 520-2600 Ext. 8932

Richard Lefebvre, Manager, Voice Services
(613) 520-2600 Ext. 8000

Colin McFadyen, Supervisor,  Data Centre Services
(613) 520-2600 Ext. 3721

Don Shesnicky, Supervisor UNIX Support
(613) 520-2600 Ext. 1797

Eddie Villarta, Manager, Network Services
(613) 520-2600 Ext. 8878

Di Wu, Supervisor Windows Support
(613) 520-2600 Ext. 8644

Andrew Schoenrock, Manager, Research Computing
(613) 520-2600 Ext. 8275