Name: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
Description: Designer, Photographer, Filmmaker, Dreamer.  No matter who you are, Creative Cloud give you the best creative apps so you can make just about anything you want, wherever your inspiration takes you.  Suite includes:  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, Lightroom, Project Felix, Dreamweaver, Muse, Acrobat Pro, Animate, Adobe Audition, Bridge, Media Encoder, Fuse, Flash Builder, etc. For more information, see:  Adobe Creative Cloud website.
OS Supported: Windows, Macintosh
Available to: Faculty and Staff only (non-eligible departments)
License details: Please note that this option is available to Faculty and Staff who are not part of the eligible departments Adobe Creative Cloud for Teaching and Learning program.

If this software is required for University Business, you can request the purchase of this software through your department.

To purchase this software, please contact Softchoice as per contact info below. Once purchased, an email will be sent from Softchoice and/or Adobe with instructions on how to download the software.

Please keep all receipts, and emails that you received after purchase – these will be required for future re-installs, when your computer gets re-imaged or to transfer subscription to new computer. 

Contact Info: Company: Softchoice LP
Rep Name: Dylan Mackay
Inside Sales Account Manager
Phone: 1-416-588-9002 ext. 222401
Toll-Free:  1-888-607-7638 ext 222401
Costs: Subject to Change – please contact Softchoice to get a quote
Support: ITS does not support the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite subscriptions.  If help is required, please contact Adobe’s Resources and Support webpages.
Vendor Web site: Adobe Creative Cloud