Name: Shazam
Description: SHAZAM is powerfully simple software for econometricians, statisticians, biometricians, sociometricians, psychometricians, politicometricians and all others who analyze data.

SHAZAM makes complex techniques simple so you can focus on the problem, not the mechanics, combines an easy to use Command Language with a Point-and-Click interface for reusable analysis, well suited for numerous applications from the specification and estimation of complex models of economic behaviour to Monte Carlo simulation studies for assessing the statistical properties of test statistics.  For more information, see Shazam website.

OS Supported: Windows 7, 8, 10
Available to: Faculty/Staff/Students on/off campus
Licence Details: Software & licenses are available through download only.
Contact: To get a copy, please contact Simon Powers via email at:
Support: Resources & Support
Vendor Web site: Shazam