Computer accounts and access to computer labs can be made available on a for-fee basis to groups who have arranged accommodations and or rentals through the Carleton University Conference Services. These labs may only be booked if they are not scheduled for academic use within the university.

Access to the campus network from residence rooms may also be arranged. Details follow.

All computer accounts provide the client with:

  • Access to the Internet
  • Access to approximately 80 applications packages ranging from the common office suites to special purpose software such as Maple or SPSS
  • On request, a limited amount of disk space can be made available for temporary file storageThree Options

Reserved Lab With Computer Accounts

  • Cost of $500 per day
  • Includes one account per computer user
  • Reserved lab for group use
  • Access to pay printing facilities
  • Maximum lab size — 30 computers

Accounts Only for Use in Public (Non-Reserved) Labs

  • $20.00 for each of the first 10 accounts, $15.00 per additional account
  • One account per computer user
  • Access to computers and printers in public labs on campus. ITS cannot guarantee the availability of a computer at any site, as student use is a priority. (see attached map)

Access to Campus Network from a Residence Room

  • For less than 2 weeks (groups) – $25.00 for each of the first 10 accounts, $20.00 per additional account
  • 2 wk. to 4 wk. – $70.00 flat fee per resident
  • 4 wk. to 4 mo. – $90.00 flat fee per resident
  • One account per resident
  • Includes Ethernet connection in residence room

Booking Procedure

To book residence rooms, or access classrooms and/or labs on campus, please contact the Facilities Coordinator with Conference Services.

Any access to the campus network will require a computer account. Conference Services will request these accounts on your behalf. The full names of all clients will be required. If personal PCs or laptops will be used in residence rooms, the Ethernet card addresses for those machines will also be required.

All fees will be paid directly to Conference Services.

Labs Available for Booking

Building Room # # of PCs Style* Printer in Room**
Loeb Building B241 26 Classroom No
Loeb Building B250 26 Lab Yes
Southam Hall 507 11 Classroom No
Southam Hall 513 23 Classroom No
Southam Hall 509 31 Classroom No

*Classroom denotes that there is a single machine at the front of the room for use by an instructor and the general layout of the machines is in a classroom style (all machines in rows facing the front of the room). Lab style denotes that machines may be situated either along the perimeter of the room, or facing each other in the centre of the room with no central “instructor machine.”

** Yes indicates that there is a printer inside the room. Where there is no printer in the room, there is one situated within easy access of the room, for example, in the hallway outside the room.


  • The Account Request Form must be signed and returned to ITS at least 7 days before the computer accounts are required.
  • No hardware or software modifications are permitted to equipment in the labs.
  • The Computer Account and Network Use Policy must be read and adhered to by all clients.
  • In order to hook up a personal PC or laptop in a residence room, the hardware address on the Ethernet card must be forwarded to ITS when the booking is made.
  • The lab systems are alarmed electronically. Please do not attempt to move or adjust the equipment.
  • If the network fails during normal university business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.), please call the ITS Service Desk at extension 3700. If a major system failure occurs outside of normal business hours, please contact Conference Services who will have an emergency contact number. After hours technical support will be provided by Information Technology Services on a best effort basis.