What is Advanced Voicemail?

Link your voicemail to your email!

Advanced Voicemail is a feature that places a copy of your voicemail messages in your email inbox.  This service is ideal for you if are one who often works from home, travels on business or is computer centric.

With Advanced Voicemail you can:

  • Receive voicemails, in the form of a .wav file, directly into your  email inbox
  • Manage your voicemails from your email inbox (play, erase or forward as an email) or via a web interface
  • See the details of your voicemail on one screen – who called, when, length of the message
  • Play your voicemails from your Smartphone without dialing in
  • Pre-record up to 4 voicemail greetings (in office, out of office, vacation, etc) and set them from your computer
  • Create voice message distribution lists from your computer

How it works?

For instructions on using Advanced Voicemail, please read our Advanced Voicemail User Guide.

Sign up for it

You can sign up for the Advanced Voicemail by emailing ITS.


Please check out our Rates sheet!