Work-From-Home or Teleworker

Set up your office phone and extension at your home, at no charge during Covid protocols

Prerequisites for setting up your VoIP phone as a Teleworker at home

  1. Must have High Speed home internet access within cable distance (6-10 feet) of where you will setup your VoIP phone
  2. Must have VPN client installed on your computer to connect to Carleton’s network

As this is a limited resource all requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on the business requirement and priority. If your request is approved, you will be notified via email by ITS Voice Services.

  • You will be required to come to campus to pick up your desk phones along with power cubes and cables which are required to connect and power up your VoIP phone at home.

Voice services has limited capacity for this solution, requests are evaluated case by case.

Mobile solution:

A “voice only” line under our corporate account on a ITS loaned Alcatel Go Flip 3 mobile phone.

Cost would be $4.75 per month– Unlimited local voice minutes and MMS messaging & 1 cent per minute for Canadian long distance.  This does not include data.  You can find details of the plan here

The monthly charge for this service includes the monthly phone rental and is only offered on our two high end VoIP phone models.  This feature is only available to customers with High Speed internet.

Teleworker User Guide