ITS provides hosting on the main Carleton University website,, for academic and administrative departments who requested this space prior to 2012. Our main hosting service are for the CCMS, providing for the university’s front facing informational websites.

How to Transfer Files to

If you have been granted access to an existing website on the static server you can transfer files to this web server. To transfer files you will need to use software that supports the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) such as Dreamweaver.

Configuration for different software varies but the following should apply to most file transferring software:

Once a site has been set up by ITS, the editor can follow these steps*:

  1. Create a new website in the FTP software you are using.
  2. In the settings for the website enter the following information:
  • Server Name: Can be a generic description, e.g., Remote Server
  • SFTP Address or Host :
  • Root Directory: The Name of the directory setup in lowercase, e.g., geologyconference/
  • Username: your cunet account name, lowercase, without spaces. For example, juanitadoe or jdoe
  • Password: Your MyCarletonOne password

*terminology and order may differ depending on the FTP client being employed

How to Get Help

For account support and publishing problems, contact the ITS Service Desk.