The eduroam network is a collaborative network that provides students, staff and faculty roaming wireless access at partner institutions. Users would authenticate using the same credentials as they would at their home institution. Students, faculty and staff at affiliated institutions can log into eduroam at Carleton University.  Likewise, Carleton University students, faculty and staff can use the eduroam wireless network at those institutions.

Important Login Requirements

Eduroam users must enter a fully qualified username (long format) when off campus.  Please use your MyCarletonOne  account with the “” domain attached to the end.  For example:


Carleton University students, faculty and staff should contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance with eduroam while visiting other institutions. Due to eduroam policies, the ITS Service Desk cannot assist users from other Universities. These users should contact their home institution.

Appropriate Use

Users of the eduroam network must abide by the Acceptable Use Policy of both Carleton University and the home/visiting institution.

Setup Documents

Setting up eduroam is very similar to setting up the “CU-Wireless” secure network. Simply use “eduroam” instead of “CU-Wireless” as the SSID and ensure that you enter your fully qualified MyCarletonOne username. e.g.

Getting Started with CU-Wireless (or eduroam)

The eduroam network at Carleton University supports mix mode WPA with TKIP encryption or WPA2 with AES encryption. A compatible wireless card with updated drivers and patches for your operating system may be required. We recommend that you setup and test your computer at your home institution prior to travelling. However, while at home please use the “CU-Wireless” network as it is the primary wireless network on campus.

Please note that these instructions are specific to Carleton University users. For visitors to Carleton University using the eduroam network, please follow the setup instructions provided by your home institution.  Please contact your home institution if you require assistance. Also note that Acceptable Use Policy of both Carleton University and your home institution apply.

Other Operating Systems or to use Manufacturer’s Wireless Utilities

There are a variety of wireless enabled devices that might be able to use WPA/WPA2 but do not use the above operating systems. Additionally, some people prefer to use the wireless management utility provided by their manufacturer. Since we cannot cover every instance, the basic information you may need for the eduroam network are:

  • Network/SSID: eduroam (you may have to manually type this in)
  • Network Authentication Method: WPA2 or WPA
  • (Sometimes called WPA2-PEAP, WPA2-RADIUS, or WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Data Encryption Method: AES (if WPA2) or TKIP (if WPA)
  • EAP Type: PEAP
  • Authentication Protocol: MS-CHAP-V2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)