While in Amsterdam for the Scholars at Risk Global Conference (April 9-10), Prof. Melanie Adrian had the opportunity to interview the prize-winning Prof. Habib Kazdaghli.

Prof. Kazdaghli, dean of the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities in Tunisia’s Manouba University, received the Scholars at Risk Network’s second Courage to Think Award. He is recognized as “a historian with an emphasis on contemporary minority rights, including Tunisia’s Jewisish minority… His academic work is deeply rooted in issues of equity and fair access, which are central to the open, merit-based iddeal of the modern university.”

The global conference is a triennial event; this year’s theme, “Freedom to Think, Responsibility to Act” explores the important role that scholars and the higher education sector generally play in society (http://scholarsatrisk.nyu.edu/).

Prof. Adrian’s interview and Prof. Kazdaghlia’s award made the press; details of both are available in the article on Scholars at Risk featured on the Leaders website.