Law and Legal Studies PhD candidates Helyeh Doutaghi and Jay Ramasubramanyam are co-organizing a symposium entitled Critical Approaches to International Law to be held in Dublin, Ireland from August 1 to 4, 2019. 

With the increasing presence of international law in the global order, different theoretical engagements have emerged to explain the international legal system, its actors, processes, norms and values. The Symposium intends to bring academics, researchers, practitioners and students together at Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland for several days to focus on four main strands within international legal scholarship:

  • Colonial Legacies of International Law and Lasting Consequences of Imperialism
  • Feminist Theories and Epistemologies from the Global South
  • Ecologies of Law
  • Corporations in a Global Society

The strands will be broken into various panels, workshops, reading groups and roundtable discussions focusing on locating the international critically. The symposium program targets lawyers, activists, academics, policy makers, and students who are interested in analysing and situating debates about the nature of international law, its function and values through critical legal theory, third world approaches to international law and feminist legal theory.

For more information on how to apply and register, click here.