Professor Danika Littlechild

Professor Danika Littlechild has been named a recipient of Carleton University Student’s Association (CUSA) Teaching Excellent Award! This annual award is presented to an instructor who has demonstrated an outstanding ability to impart knowledge, consult students, and invoke enthusiasm and participation from their students. This student-nominated award is open to all teaching staff.

“Hai Hai, nanâskomtin, I express my thanks and sincere gratitude to all the amazing students I have had the privilege of working with since I began my new path as a professor at Carleton University.” – Professor Danika Littlechild

Professor Littlechild joined the Department in January 2020 teaching in the area of environmental and social justice. She is frequently asked to be a guest lecturer in other faculties at Carleton as well as other institutions. Prior to joining Carleton, Professor Littlechild practiced law in Canada for nearly two decades and advised Indigenous Peoples across Canada and internationally.

Congratulations Professor Littlechild on receiving this award from Carleton’s students!