What is the GLSA?

The Graduate Law and Legal Studies Association (GLSA) is our department’s student association. The GLSA’s mandate is to facilitate the participation of Legal Studies graduate students in the department and university community, to foster a sense of community among MA and PhD graduate students, and to advocate for the rights and priorities of LAWS graduate students within the department and university. The association depends entirely on volunteers, and so we really encourage you to become an active member and help shape the GLSA!

  • The GLSA is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based student association open to all Legal Studies MA and PhD students.
  • The GLSA is organized into teams (see info below).
  • Members are appointed to positions through an open consensus process.
  • Any LAWS grad student can join the GLSA and attend meetings, you do not need to hold a position! General members are a very important part of our association.
  • Meetings are held once per month; details are sent out via email.

What are the GLSA teams?

Admin Team

Works to ensure the GLSA is working smoothly, communicating well with members, and that proper records are kept.

Advocacy Team

Works to implement policy and institutional changes at the department, faculty and university level that supports the rights, and goals of grad students. Takes the lead on defining the GLSA’s advocacy role and priorities.

Direct Student Support Team

Provides support to students that helps “stabilize their lives and promote their survival” and wellbeing while in grad school and beyond. This team works to reduce isolation by enhancing social supports.

Student Development Team

Works to develop resources and opportunities for training that support students’ short- and long-term success.

Positions + Contact Information


Admin Coordinators

Jean Ketterling, jean.ketterling@carleton.ca

Naomi Brito, NaomiBrito@cmail.carleton.ca

Communications Coordinator(s)

Meg Lonergan, MeganLonergan@cmail.carleton.ca


BIPOC Mentor

Shakira Spence, shakiraspence@cmail.carleton.ca

Mentorship Coordinator

Ashna Mohan, ashnamohan@cmail.carleton.ca

Social Events Coordinator

Marsha Dawn Walters, marshadawnwalters@cmail.carleton.ca


Graduate Student Association (GSA) Reps

MA: Leah Wilson, leahwilson3@cmail.carleton.ca

PhD: Nicole Lee, NicoleCLee@cmail.carleton.ca

CUPE 4600 Stewards

MA: Emma Bissonnette emmabissonnette@cmail.carleton.ca

PhD: Meg Lonergan MeganLonergan@cmail.carleton.ca

Department Committee Reps

MA: Tessa Penich TessaPenich@cmail.carleton.ca

PhD: Position currently vacant, Interested PhD students should email jean.ketterling@carleton.ca

Department BIPOC Committee Reps

MA: Garry Balaganthan, Garry.bala2@gmail.com

MA: Shakira Spence, shakiraspence@cmail.carleton.ca

PhD: Diksha Kale, DikshaKale@cmail.carleton.ca


Workshop Coordinator

Taryn Hepburn, tarynhepburn@cmail.carleton.ca

 Resource Developer

Bridgette Desjardins, bridgette.desjardins@carleton.ca

 Conference Committee Chair

Mary McClusky, marymccluskey@cmail.carleton.ca