The Parent’s Circle: A Story of Hope out of Israel and Palestine

The Department of Law and Legal Studies is hosting a JurisTalk special event featuring speakers Laila Alsheikh and Robi Damelin from The Parent’s Circle Families Forum, moderated by Rehana Hashmi, Activist in Residence, Department of Law and Legal Studies. 

JurisTalk Special Event
The Parent’s Circle: A Story of Hope out of Israel and Palestine
Monday March 1, 2021 2:30-3:30 pm, EST
This event is by invitation only. Please see registration details below. 

About this Event

The Jurisprudence Centre was established in 1974 as a forum for the advanced interdisciplinary study of problems related to law, law reform, and politics. The Jurisprudence Centre Seminar Talks, or JurisTalks, are a long-standing tradition in the Department of Law and Legal Studies aimed at stimulating academic dialogue and innovation toward the development of legal studies research and theory. JurisTalks feature academics from other institutions as well as our own Law and Legal Studies faculty.

The Parent’s Circle Families Forum (PCFF) is a group of 600 Israeli and Palestinian families who have lost close family members to the conflict and who work together for reconciliation and a just resolution to the conflict.


Laila Alsheikh is an accountant, PCFF member and mother of five from Bethlehem. Laila’s 6 month old son Qussay died in 2002 after Israeli soldiers prevented him from reaching a hospital on time. Since his death, Laila has focused on protecting her remaining children from being part of the conflict.

Robi Damelin is an Israeli spokesperson and PCFF member. Robi’s son, David (aged 28), was killed by a Palestinian sniper in March of 2002 while he guarded a settlement checkpoint. Robi calls for a reconciliation to be part of any peace agreement. Robi was named a 2015 Woman of Impact by Women in the World and 2014 Woman Peacemaker by the University of San Diego. She regularly contributes to The Forward and Huffington Post.


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