Janet Barclay


Degrees:BSW, GDCR

Currently, I am self-employed, working as an Elder Mediator as well as working with one of the specialized units in Trinidad and Tobago Police Force.

As an Elder mediator I work with families by giving them the opportunity to have a conversation in a safe environment, which offers the potential to strengthen family ties and to create long lasting outcomes for the family.

Together with another graduate of the program, we are working with a unit of the Trinidad Police on Insight Policing, a different method of communication. In November 2016, eight members attended a training offered by me and a colleague, and supported by CCER and the Graduate program.

I was interested in mediation and this program offered both an academic program as well as practicum which allowed me to hone my skills as a mediator.Following graduation, I was able to use the mediation skills I had learned to help other students acquire the skills needed for mediation.

I was able to use the skills learned during and after the program as a mediator, and also in day to day life. And it also allowed me to expand my knowledge in other areas, and continue my learning to become an Elder Mediator.

Working with the Police in Trinidad has and continues to be most rewarding, as well as being a huge learning experience. This unit has very specific challenges in their work environment and if I can help them in anyway to be able to do their job better is a positive outcome for all of us.

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