Photo of Bridgette  Desjardins

Bridgette Desjardins

PhD Candidate (Legal Studies)

Bridgette Desjardins is a PhD Candidate at Carleton University, where she holds a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship. She is interested in sport and inclusion as related to gender, sexuality, and nationalism. Her dissertation explores militarism in amateur sport, focusing on road races in Canada, and her preliminary findings have been published in the Sociology of Sport Journal. She is a member of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport and the International Sociology of Sport Association.

Dr. Dale Spencer

PhD (ABD), Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University
MA, Cultural Analysis and Social Theory, Wilfrid Laurier University
BA, Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Contract Instructor (Carleton University):
LAWS3903A – Law, Sport, and Society (Fall 2020)


Desjardins, B. (2020) Running (for) the military: An ethnography of sport militarism at the Canada Army Run. Sociology of Sport Journal. Ahead of Print.  

Desjardins, B. (2014). Whose Consent Matters? Sado-Masochism and Governmentality in Canadian Consent Law. INSEP – Journal of the International Network for Sexual Ethics & Politics, 2(1), 18–30.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards

2019 – 2022                SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship ($105,000)

2019 – 2020                Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Declined ($15,000)

2018                            Hamlin Graduate Fellowship ($2,000)

2017 – 2018                Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000)

2017 – 2021                Departmental Graduate Scholarship, Carleton University ($42,000)

2013 – 2014                Graduate Scholarship, Wilfrid Laurier University ($3,500)

2013 – 2014                University Fellowship, Wilfrid Laurier University ($4,000)

Selected Conference Activity

Desjardins, B. (2020, October). “Running (for) the military: An ethnography of sport militarism at the Canada Army Run.” ISSA Virtual Conference – Graduate Student Paper Award Panel.  (

Desjardins, B. (2020, November). “Cheaters, Bullies, and Frauds: A discursive analysis of opposition to trans women athletes.” North American Society for the Sociology of Sport. Virtual Conference.

Desjardins, B. (2020, June – Conference cancelled due to Covid-19). “Defending the land of milk and honey: Militarism in Canadian hockey culture.” The Hockey Conference 2020. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Desjardins, B. (2019, November). “Embodying Nationalism in Ottawa Road Races.” North American Society for the Sociology of Sport. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

Desjardins, B. (2019, March). “What’s affect got to do with it? The emotional sentiment of white nationalism.” Law, Culture, and the Humanities, 22nd Annual Conference. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Desjardins, B. (2019, March). “Kneeling for the nation or standing for the status quo? Possibilities of Protest in Professional Sport.” Graduate Legal Studies Association’s Annual Conference. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Desjardins, B. (2018, July). “‘Hockey is for everyone™’”? Racism, Homophobia, and Inequality in Canada’s Game.” Canadian Sociological Association. XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology 2018. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Desjardins, B. (2018, June). “The good old hockey game: Hockey as a site of race-making.” The Hockey Conference 2018. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.