Photo of Cynthia Kearns-O’Hara

Cynthia Kearns-O’Hara

GDCR '10

Degrees:B.Soc.Sci. (Ottawa), GDCR

Currently, I am responsible for the strategic, and when required operational, policy, planning and execution of the business continuity program for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.

My longtime dream was to become a conflict resolution practitioner/expert and be able to assist displaced persons in post-conflict zones. The GDCR program offered a full range of courses that were of great interest to me. I preferred the MBA style format as well. I gave up studies at University of Ottawa to pursue my studies at Carleton. I loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find employment as a mediator or conflict resolution practitioner specifically. However, I have used my knowledge and skills and continue to do so to facilitate small and large group discussions/debates/disagreements and assist parties in achieving resolutions and even consensus. My knowledge has also been extremely useful in interpersonal and family relationship building. I plan to further develop my knowledge and skills after I retire from the Federal Government.

While attending university, I was fully employed with National Defence. My education leave was granted with the understanding that I would remain employed at National Defence two months for every month of education. Incredible deal!

Recently, I successfully facilitated a discussion amongst the Army, Navy, Air Force and other representatives who were not using a consistent methodology. Their individual group needs and wants were given primacy above those of the entire organization. I helped them all see the bigger picture and not feel as though they were losing their own interests or value sets in the process.