Photo of Patrick McCaffery

Patrick McCaffery

Degrees:Ph.D. (Charles Sturt University), M.A. (Carleton University), B. A. Honours (Carleton University), B.A. (Carleton University)
Office:By appointment

Dr. Patrick McCaffery has 30 years of operational police experience and his original research has challenged conventional wisdom on how law enforcement and policy makers need to conceptualize and respond to many contemporary issues. Patrick has published and lectured nationally in the areas of hate crime, extremism, investigating sexual assault trauma, First Nation security and organized crime. He has been delivering the Canadian criminal jury trials course at Carleton University since 2017.


Doctor of Policing & Security, Charles Sturt University, 2013

Master’s Degree, Law, Carleton University, 1998

B.A. Honours, Anthropology, Carleton University, 1990

B.A. Criminology, Carleton University, 1989