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George S. Rigakos

Professor of the Political Economy of Policing

Degrees:B.A. (Toronto), B.Soc.Sc. (Ottawa), M.A. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (York)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3683
Office:C575 LA (Loeb Building)

Current Research

Pacification; Security and anti-security; The political economy of public and private policing; Marxism; Mutualism; cooperative production.


George Rigakos is Editor of Red Quill Books, publisher of radical comix, sociology, criminology, legal studies and social science research. See:

Teaching Interests

Policing and social surveillance; Police and capital; Political economy.

Recent Supervisions

2019    PhD. Caglar Dolek “Thieves, Kabadayıs, and Revolutionaries on the Margin: A Social History of the Police in the Altındağ Slums in Ankara, Turkey (1920s-1970s)”

2017    M.A.    Kevin Brunet “The Power of Perspective: A Review of the Adoption of Police Body Worn Cameras”

2017    PhD.    Gulden Ozcan “Orchestrating the Public: A Contribution to the Critique of Police Power”

2017    M.A.    Garret Halas “Securing the Economy and Economizing Security: An Analysis of Material Influences Underpinning Canada’s Position on the Israel-Palestine Conflict”

2016    M.A.    David Meinen “Pacification Through Humanitarian Aid: Examining Canada’s Security-Development Role in Haiti”


Online articles:

Also: Security (Legal Form); Golden Dawn and the “Dark Forces” in Jacobin (2015); Greece’s Right-Wing Government is Massively Expanding Police Powers in Jacobin (2021); and special issue of Socialist Studies (2013).

Books, Reports and Anthologies:

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