Photo of George S. Rigakos

George S. Rigakos

Professor of the Political Economy of Policing

Degrees:B.A. (Toronto), B.Soc.Sc. (Ottawa), M.A. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (York)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3683
Office:C575 LA (Loeb Building)

Current Research

Pacification; Anti-security; The political economy of public and private policing; The increasing role of Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) in local governance and security; Nightclubs as spectacles of risk, insecurity and consumption in late capitalism; Mutualism; cooperative production.


George Rigakos is also head of the Editorial Collective for Red Quill Books, a new peer-reviewed publishing house committed to the support of radical political economy, sociology, criminology, legal studies and social science research. See:

Teaching Interests

Policing and social surveillance; Critical criminology; Social control; Political Economy.


2017    M.A.    Kevin Brunet “The Power of Perspective: A Review of the Adoption of Police Body Worn Cameras”

2017    PhD.    Gulden Ozcan “Orchestrating the Public: A Contribution to the Critique of Police Power”

2017    M.A.    Garret Halas “Securing the Economy and Economizing Security: An Analysis of Material Influences Underpinning Canada’s Position on the Israel-Palestine Conflict”

2016    M.A.    David Meinen “Pacification Through Humanitarian Aid: Examining Canada’s Security-Development Role in Haiti”

2015    M.A.    Natalie Farid “Your Data Shadow: An Exploratory Study of the Short-term Effect of Viewing News and Information Content of Surveillance Technologies on Perceptions of Privacy”

2014    M.A.    Justin Tetrault “Reclaiming Visual Sovereignty: Theorizing Facial Recognition Technology in the Post-Industrial Era

2014    M.A.    Rhys Williams “Policing the Pubs”

2012    M.A.    Nicholas Lamb “The Pacification of Radical Dissent: An Anti-Security Analysis of the Toronto G20 Joint Intelligence Group”

2012    M.A.    Samantha Ponting “The Political Economy of Contemporary Border Security Walls”

2011    M.A.    Jeff Reilly “Measuring the Effectiveness of Foot Patrol in the Downtown Yonge BIA”

2010    M.A.    Mike Denny “Policing Star Wars Galaxies”

2010    M.A.    Stanislava Krajisnik “Racial Profiling and Policing: The Nassiah Case”

2010    M.A.    Vivian Chiu “Challenging the Canadian Biometric Passport System”

2010    M.A.    Steve Worth “Urban Battleground: Policing Dissent in Canada’s Capital”

2010    M.A.    Graham Wight “Policing the Night: City-Centre Entertainment Districts”

2009    M.A.    Barb Kelly “Toward a Code of Ethics for the RCMP”

2009    M.A.    Erin Knight “The Homeless Shelter as a Modern Day Panopticon”

2009    M.A.    Wesley Baxter “”Sold Out”: How Ottawa’s Downtown Business Improvement Associations have Secured and Valorized Urban Space”