Photo of Krista West

Krista West

Social and Environmental Auditor

Degrees:B.Sc. (UBC), MPA (Victoria)

Krista has over a decade of experience working in natural resource management. Her clients include forestry, mining and aggregate-extraction industries. She is a catalyst for sustainable change. As a social and environmental auditor for independent third-party certification arrangements—including the Forest Stewardship Council, Cornerstone Standards Council and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative—Krista has hands-on experience managing industry disputes across the country. Her interest in further honing conflict resolution skills stems from her work experiences in the field.

She has worked directly with natural resource representatives, stakeholders and Aboriginal groups involved in public engagement and dispute resolution processes across Canada: from BC’s Clayoquat Sound to Cape Breton Island. A graduate of UBC (Bachelor of Science, Forestry) and the University of Victoria (Masters of Public Administration), Krista is also a retired Registered Professional Forester (BC).