In the second instalment of Student Stories, Kaitlan Brazeau interviews violinist and graduating Bachelor of Music student Victoria Goodman. Victoria about her background in Celtic and Classical music, her time at Carleton and her plans for the future. 

Image of Victoria Goodman with violin

Victoria Goodman, 4th year Bachelor of Music in Violin

Kaitlain: How did you decide to begin a Music degree at Carleton University?

Victoria: When I was choosing different university options after graduating Canterbury Arts high school, I was looking for a program that would push my skills as a violinist and have interesting courses that I could take while doing my degree. I ultimately choose Carleton University because I live in Ottawa so the commute wasn’t that long, and I was told by the head of the Music Department that I could study multiple styles of music during for my degree. I have studied Celtic and Classical music since I was a child, so this looked very promising to me.

Kaitlain: What made you choose Carleton out of the schools you were accepted to?

Victoria: I live in Ottawa, and Carleton University provided more genres of music to study than any other university I looked into. They had a wider range of teachers that taught many different genres of music, giving me an opportunity to study multiple genres of music during my degree. Also, from my research, Carleton University had one of the strongest Celtic programs in Ontario.

Kaitlain: What are your favourite parts of the program?

Victoria: There are so many! I love the different courses that are available to study such as: Perspectives on Film Music, World Music, Jazz Improvisation, etc.

The Music Faculty are fantastic. They are so organized, they care so much about every student and seeing them succeed. The professors are so personable. I have become friends with most of them; they are all so talented, and want to share their knowledge with every student.

I love how every student is immersed in each other’s degree. What I mean by that is the Classical players are in the same classes as the jazz players, singers, guitarists, singer-songwriter’s and others. The collaborations and jams that happen create some of the greatest music and friendships that you’ll have for years.

You can’t forget the music lounge! It’s my favourite place to hang out with other BMUS friends. People go there to laugh and destress about school. You make many close friends there.

The teachers and professors are great! The chamber program run by Nicole Presentey has pushed me as a musician, and so has my violin teacher David Thies-Thompson. Both of these people have made me a better performer. The teachers will push you hard, but it’s the best feeling when you reflect back over the past year, and see that you’re twice the musician you were at the beginning of the year!

Kaitlain: What is your most memorable experience at Carleton during your degree?

Victoria: There are so many memorable experiences, but I’ll choose one for you. The Music lounge I would say is one of my most memorable experiences at Carleton. It’s a room on the music floor that is meant as a relaxation room. Where students study, jam, and relax together. I’ve had so many fun, joyful, and sad experiences in that room. It’s a place where I have laughed with friends, and had days where they’ve  held my hand, hugged me, and made me laugh while I was crying. It’s a very special place.

Kaitlain: What are your future plans?

Victoria: I plan on completing a Master’s degree. I want to keep expanding and learning different music genres, how to perform them, and the cultural history behind them. I’ve grown so much as a musician at Carleton, and I want that to continue that.