Michael B. MacDonald is a super creative ethnographic filmmaker who has developed a collaborative technique he calls cine-ethnomusicology. He’s going to be on campus Friday, February 17 to give a talk on his great new book CineWorlding: Scenes of Cinematic Research-Creation.

He’s also agreed to give a free workshop on his filmmaking methods. It’s from 10 to 11:30 am at the Jacob Siskind Music Resource Centre, 5th floor, MacOdrum Library.

The workshop will be of interest to Music and Culture, Film Studies, and Cultural Mediations grad students, and to anyone who works with documentary film.  Please share with your students.

Details for the event are available by clicking this link.

Workshop on Cine-Ethnomusicology 

There are those of us who when we look through a camera and listen through headphones ‘see-hear’ a world rich with intensive virtualities. This does not happen to everyone, but for those musicians and ethnographers who have this experience it is the starting place of cine-ethnomusicology – a radical alternative to traditional documentary filming of music. In this practical introductory workshop, filmmaker and ethnomusicologist Michael MacDonald will screen examples from his award winning films and discuss techniques and concepts for machining the intensities of audiovision. The workshop is open to anyone and will be useful for folks in Music and Culture, Film Studies, and Anthropology who are involved with any kind of audiovisual documentation.

Poster of Michael MacDonald sitting on bench advertising Workshop on Cine-Ethnomusicology