Photo of Melissa Frankel

Melissa Frankel

Early modern philosophy; Feminist philosophy; History of analytic philosophy; Philosophy of perception

Degrees:B.A. (McGill), M.A. (Harvard), Ph.D. (Harvard)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1093
Office:3A53 Paterson Hall

Associate Professor

Office Hours

Thursdays, 1:15pm – 2:45pm

Courses for 2023-24

  • PHIL 2320 – Children, Lit, and Philos
  • PHIL 3003 – 18th Century Philosophy
  • PHIL 4005 – Seminar in Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 5600 – Topics in the History of Philosophy

Select Publications

Frankel, Melissa (2022) Materialism and Immaterialism. The Oxford Handbook of Berkeley, ed. Samuel Rickless, Oxford University Press: 107-127 (2022)

Frankel, Melissa (2017). The Cartesian Roots of Berkeley’s Account of Sensation. Southern Journal of Philosophy 55 (2):214-231.

Frankel, Melissa (2016). Berkeley on the “Twofold state of things”. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 80 (1):43-60.

Frankel, Melissa (2015). Actions, Behaviors, and Volitions in Berkeley’s Moral Philosophy. In Berkeley Revisited: Moral, Social and Political Philosophy, ed. Sebastien Charles. Voltaire Foundation. pp. 99-114.

Frankel, Melissa (2013). Revisiting Berkeley’s Perceptual Relativity Argument. History of Philosophy Quarterly 30 (2):161-176.

Frankel, Melissa (2013). Acts, ideas, and objects in Berkeley’s metaphysics. Canadian Journal of Philosophy 43 (4):475-493.

Frankel, Melissa (2012). Berkeley and God in the Quad. Philosophy Compass 7 (6):388-396.