Photo of Josh Redstone

Josh Redstone


Degrees:BA Hon (Nipissing), MA Philosophy (Carleton), Ph.D Cognitive Science (Carleton)
Office:3A38 Paterson Hall

Office Hours

Tuesdays, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Courses in Philosophy for 2023-24

  • PHIL 1301 – Mind, World, & Knowledge
  • PHIL 2540 – Personal Identity and the Self
  • PHIL 3540 – Philosophy of Emotions
  • PHIL 4220 – Seminar in Philosophy of Mind or Cognition
  • PHIL 5200 – Philosophy of Mind or Philosophy of Language


Josh Redstone holds degrees in Philosophy (BA, MA) and Cognitive Science (PhD). His research concerns philosophical and empirical questions that arise at the intersection of philosophy of mind, cognitive science, robotics, and AI. He is also interested in consciousness, the emotions, and belief in pseudoscience.