To all philosophy enthusiasts!
Carleton University’s Department of Philosophy invites you to celebrate


November 28, 2019  |  6:30-8:30 pm
Carleton University, 2017 Dunton Tower

What’s the Use?!

A panel discussion on the place of philosophy in the public sphere

Philosophy is known as the discipline that asks big questions, tests all certitudes, and helps its practitioners develop formidable argumentative skills. It also has a history of resisting the social demand for immediate ‘usefulness’. This panel explores the question of the place and possible use of philosophy in society. Although philosophers seem well equipped to illuminate complex issues, their involvement in the public sphere remains discreet in North America. Does philosophy require distance from the realm of action, or do philosophers have the responsibility to be more involved in the common search for a good life and a better world? Can society use more philosophy? What kind of contribution can philosophers make? Is the language used by academic philosophers an obstacle to philosophy’s engagement within the community? If so, should philosophy attempt to become more accessible and more pertinent to non-philosophers?

Join us to discuss these questions with four experts in the field:

Gordon Davis, Carleton University
Sophie Marcotte-Chénard, Carleton University
Matthew McLennan, St-Paul University
David Robichaud, University of Ottawa

Reception with light refreshments to follow