Celebrating success! Recently our first cohort of graduates from the Dual Master’s Degree with Carleton Political Science and the University of Lucerne were invited to a special celebration with the Swiss Ambassador to Canada.

Among the dignitaries at the celebratory event were the degree’s first three graduates, Max Kallenbach, Arta Tahiraj and Sukhi Dhaliwal. While enrolled in the program, Kallenbach was accepted for an internship at the United Nations in New York and is now working as an intern at the Embassy of Switzerland in Ottawa. Meanwhile, Tahiraj secured a position at Global Affairs Canada.

“The experience of studying in two countries at two different schools is a great opportunity,” said Kallenbach at the reception. “True, it means more work and a lot of organizing, but it also means making more friends, getting to know a new and different culture and exploring another part of the world.”

Fellow graduate Sukhi Dhaliwal described the degree as a life-changing experience.

“The Dual Degree program provided an amazing academic and professional opportunity, where I met professors from Lucerne and external institutions who taught us about subject matters through an alternative lens, providing a new perspective of learning,” said Dhaliwal. “Not only was this experience academically substantive, my time in Switzerland was also a very personal and spiritual experience.”

Dhaliwal said the beauty she encountered in Switzerland instilled a sense of “presence” in her, of living in the moment. She is grateful that this mindset returned to Canada with her.

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