What role and influence do international organizations have in global politics? What reforms are necessary to increase their effectiveness, impact and relevance? How can international organizations help effectively address the many pressing challenges the world is facing?

Offered Winter 2023 – Register now!
PSCI 5807 – Analysis of International Organizations
Wednesdays 11.35 – 14.25
Dr. Martin Geiger

Instead of investigating particular issues and areas of global governance, or examining global politics predominantly through a state-centric lens, this course will put international organizations – including international governmental and non-governmental organizations – front and center and study them as ’organizations’ and prominent actors in global politics.

Together, we will explore the evolution of specific organizations, their internal structure, own vested interests, as well as their external relations, role in global politics, and their contribution to global governance.

Dr. Martin Geiger is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at Carleton University. A major part of his research and teaching concentrates on international organizations and their activities in different policy fields, including migration, development, health and climate change.